Our bronze elk (wapiti)

The bar area at the Clam Lake Lodge


View of the lake from the upstairs bedroom at the Lodge

Game table in a nook in the bar area with great views
    of Upper Clam Lake

Ride the 13 foot long Musky!

Nice bull elk on our trail cam near the Lodge

Wapiti Cabin

The Library on a nice sunny day!

The dock on Upper Clam Lake

Mr. Barth's Library

Our guest Matt with some nice crappies caught on an area lake

Big Buck Hunter with a 42 inch HD display
     Big Buck World - 2 shooter game with 17
     animals to hunt - 51 different treks!

Lodge bar and pool table, 3 booths for game playing,
    puzzle making, or additional dining space.

Enjoy a sunrise cup of coffee overlooking the lake

Clam Lake Lodge